Atlantis Vortex

      Sci/Fi – Fantasy – Erotic


Archaeologist Jessica Carter is confronted with just that adrenaline rush kind of question after discovering a small, ancient Egyptian pyramid in a most unlikely place. Lake Okeechobee, Florida. Cautious to keep her discovery a guarded topic and on a need to know basis with close colleagues, she faces a history-altering dilemma. As the excavation of what turns out to be a mysterious entrance progresses, Jessica becomes the nexus of a series of life-threatening incidents, each event more baffling than the last. The interventions that save her are equally bazaar as the specter of a benevolent, familiar figure who appears and vanishes at will haunt her nights and eventually her days.

Xerxes, now High Lord of Atlantis, has held her heart unconsciously captive since he rescued Jessica and her family several years earlier. At that time, Prince of Atlantis, he was forced to cloud the cast-o-ways’ memories to conceal his identity and that of the underwater civilization he is charged to protect. Having fallen in love with her, he has watched her ever since. Conflicted by her accidental discovery of the ancient but abandoned pyramid entrance to his underwater realm; Xerxes is forced to take drastic measures to protect the secrecy of his underwater world. He uses advanced Atlantean technology to bury the excavation and make it appear as if nature has destroyed the dig.

Jessica is resigned to the loss of her first big discovery. However, the treasure trove of recovered artifacts remains intact and safe. But the unusual squad of military security provided by the government is ordered to take possession by the authorities. And, even more mysterious, Jessica, a naval reservist officer, is recalled to active duty. Jessica fears her archaeological career is over. But given a clue as the walls fall in around her just before the collapse of her project, she is warned not to reveal the new facts by a mysterious caller. Feeling the clue will solve the enigma she has discovered, she pursues the lead in the days before reporting for active duty.

Counting on Jessica to follow the clue slipped to her,  Xerxes intends to abduct her away to Atlantis to be his wife, therefore ensuring her silence. Though Jessica’s memory of him is locked in her subconscious, during the tumultuous first days in Atlantis and in the arms of the man who has haunted her dreams, her memory re-emerges. She realizes she has loved him since he saved her.

But a traitor schemes inside Xerxes council threatening Atlantis and putting Jessica’s life in deadly peril. The Lord of Atlantis is forced to decide between his priorities; secure his lordship against his traitorous councilor or save his wife. With help from his brother, the ruler of Pacifica, and an off-world ambassador, Xerxes risks all to save his underwater kingdom and rescue the only woman he loves from the traitor before it’s too late. Can he save them both?