Revenge – Immortal

Sci/Fi – Fantasy – Erotic

Revenge Immortal

Twenty years pass after the battle with Myng the Cruel. Those who survived and managed to return home strove to bring their worlds back to peaceful, bright futures. Still, the presence of Myng’s heir looms as does the dread and knowledge that his successor will come.

Despite physical death, Myng lives on in another dimension, reunited with his mother, Jiuli, an evil sorceress. On rare occasions, he can span the veil between worlds to commune with his wife, Solana, who has made a life on Earth for herself and Myng’s heir. Through Myng’s daughter Solmay, both parents seek revenge on those who caused Myng’s down-fall. Solmay has, on Earth, grown into an accomplished air force pilot after graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado and though she keeps her trepidations to herself, wonders about the life her unusual parents have mapped out for her. But, she is a dutiful daughter and acting on her mother’s plan, follows Solana and leaves Earth in an interstellar ship secretly constructed by her mother on Myng’s instructions to fulfill her destiny.

Gifted with powerful abilities and their lives directed by fate, the children of Myng’s enemies grow to adulthood knowing they are tasked to stop Myng’s revenge. TyGer and Sapphire’s son, Zy’tr, is raised to follow them; as is Lapura and SyVar’s daughter, Sypura. From the distant world of Aurina come unexpected allies and unity with another young warrior to fight the tyrant. But the persona of Myng’s revenge, when presented, proves far from what is expected.

As the fate of the galaxy is determined, further peril awaits Myng’s enemies. The mysterious entity of the Destructor reveals its presence in a dynamic final confrontation and the mystical ring that Myng wore as a talisman of his power reveals the Heir of the Dragon’s Eye.