Star TyGer

  Sci/Fi – Fantasy – Erotic

Star TyGer

Monitoring deep space at Peking’s Kavlik Astronomy Institute Sapphire witnesses a space battle thousands of light years across the galaxy. Shocked at what she sees, she is further alarmed by the effect the experience has on her. Despite her innocence, arousal races through her and even more perplexing, her eyes begin to glow, and electrical charges surge from her fingertips. Strangely, the battle has awakened powers she possesses but has kept long suppressed and cannot yet control. Deep within her subconscious, she knows she is witnessing a fundamental battle against evil. An inherited, generations old drive to fight against such maliciousness demands she act. Her body generates powerful orbs of blue energy that discharge from her body in a climactic like experience, flowing into the telescope and using the optical device for guidance. Spanning vast distances of space, the balls of energy defy the great distance, divide and attack the ship of the malevolent Myng the Cruel.

Myng, aboard his dreadnought the Destructor is furious at the damage caused by the mysterious and devastating beams to his massive ship. He is forced to leave his enemy, Prince Star TyGer’s ships intact and watch in frustration as they withdraw untouched by the blue energy beams. He is determined to gain the power of these beams for himself and begins a quest to locate the innocent, yet powerful Sapphire. If he finds her first, he will possess her on every level from mentally to sexually to control her. Already he has taken Star TyGer’s betrothed, Solana, as his personal slave, conforming her to his every whim as is his custom when conquering a new world.

Solana, knowing no woman has ever been rescued from Myng has given her heart and soul to her cruel master seeing it as her only path to life. In doing so, she has unleashed an unknown part of herself becoming more wicked than Myng. Myng, recognizing her as his soulmate, falls in love with her.

TyGer recognizes the blue pulses as a source of power, a way to defeat Myng, and stop his evil rule of black sorcery and debauchery. Swearing revenge for the atrocities committed on his world, against his sister, and his politically betrothed fiancée, and having sabotaged Myng’s ship before the pulse appeared, TyGer leaves Myng’s ship disabled between light-jumps. He finds Sapphire first and she finds his heart. Yet he wonders if there is still a chance of rescue for Solana and his sister. He vows to protect the innocent earth woman from the wickedness of the emperor.

Overwhelmed by the valiant warrior Star TyGer, Sapphire follows her instincts and leaves Earth with him. With the small fleet of cloaked ships TyGer has at his command, he and Sapphire unite their minds, hearts, and bodies to stand and fight Myng in a decisive and explosive ship to ship battle.