Submissions In Time

   Sci/Fi – Fantasy – Erotic

            Submissions In Time

Wealthy playboy, Daniel Maxwell, gets any woman he sets his sights on. He’s also an asset shark who buys out struggling companies and then turns a healthy profit. Daniel doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Confident and beautiful, Stephanie, former C.E.O. of his latest acquisition holds all men at a distance with cool disdain. Jilted by her first and only love, she isn’t willing to give another man a chance to get that close again.

Despite Daniel’s intent to gain complete control of her family’s company, he was unable to buy out all the company’s stock. He acquired majority shares of the from the stockholders, but Stephanie retains the next largest portion, second only to his.

Stephanie appears at the first joint board meeting confidently secure in her mastery of the situation. Also, attended by the asset shark and what she considers the traitorous stockholders. She ignores the awkward situation, saunters into the boardroom, and sits at the far end of the table. Opening a folder, she studies it as the meeting begins. Ignoring the new C.E.O. and aware of her physical female attributes, today Stephanie has dressed to kill. She has considered doing just that. However, Daniel’s disarming good looks and suave manners puts a chink in her here-to-fore steel armor. Dismissing the heated attraction and sparks between them, she is furious over what she considers a hostile, corporate takeover, and treats Daniel accordingly.

Intrigued with Stephanie and her apparent immunity to his charms, something that has never happened, Daniel tries to penetrate her spirited and aloof façade but to no avail. Even a well-planned, but subversive dinner at his secluded manor goes wrong. Stephanie eludes him. She makes her own way back to her townhouse leaving him concerned for her safety. His domineering manner leads to a blackened eye when he confronts her. He’s determined to win the independent, modern woman if he has to use all the resources of his business holdings, including the time travel invention of a scientific think tank. He kidnaps Stephanie back in time to the 1700’s and a Caribbean Island. Here Daniel is lord of the island. Unknown to Stephanie, she has legally become his blushing bride.

Their tumultuous yet intimate relationship becomes heated as each tries to outmaneuver the other, but their lust gets in the way. Enter a lecherous English lord and plantation owner on the island. After meeting Stephanie, he schemes to have her and conspires with local pirates to ruin Daniel and steal Stephanie. As the couple’s affections turn deeply emotional, their circumstances change and they unite against the threat. Who will tame whom? And, when only Stephanie can return to the 21st century, will she come back for her – husband or leave him in the past on the island and regain full control of her company?