Blood Throne Series                                                                                                                                                  AMAZON

A bit about Blood of the Ruby Throne. This is a ‘tale’ I that came to me in segments as if the players were sneaking out of their world after curfew. The duel between Zera and Sarc materialized first closely followed by the swearing of fidelity to the victor highlighting the tension between them.  The villain, the pirate lord, Kudious, resided in his dark world…plotting and sadistically maneuvering his subjects. Keeping him reined in was tricky and remains so. The sections began to come together over a period of time while I wrote other stories, the characters whispering to me at the oddest times. Never once they get confused with other people. Their stories are yet unfinished and the secondary characters, especially Zera’s sister, Teriana, Sarc’s brother Phorx and the mysterious daughter of Kudious, Leila are very vocal and their futures undetermined. Aluora, the treacherous heir/ruler of Luitha were men are pleasure objects and who allies herself with Kudious, remains bossy and much intent on retaining her rule of that women’s world.

I’m working on the second book now and look forward to presenting to you, the reader, soon. In the meantime, please, enjoy Blood of the Ruby Throne and the mystery that flows around the Seti Solar System and that part of the unknown universe.