Five Stars

on July 23, 2013 – 1st edition 

Format: Kindle Edition     AMAZON

Blood Of The Ruby Throne

Trained to become a warrior at an early age, Lady Zera, Cronus, commander of the royal guard and twin sister of Enos high Lord of Seti-Cronus, spared with her trainer in practice. Zera was known far and wide for her skills at fighting and had never been defeated. She and her twin were clairvoyant and their mother had died giving birth to their younger sister when she went into an early labor when she was away from the city. Centuries ago, a split in the leaders caused some of her people to relocate to a desert planet called Alphxorn and although the two planets were not at war neither trusted the other, Since her brother wasn’t married and had no heir, she vowed to never marry as he was older than her and the rightful ruler, besides she was much happier commanding the troops………..

High Lord of Alhxorn, Sarc Sieramous, was enraged when his brother showed him the video he secretly made of the botched proposal Ambassador Thorax made! The man all but threatened them with war!! How the stupid man became one of his cabinet showed he was lacking in diplomacy and he needed to diffuse the situation quickly. His intel gave him pictures of the beautiful princess and he knew that she was his mate, but had to convince the little spitball first!!

Sultry Summers does it again with her fast-paced story that makes you want to get to the next chapter! Take one deranged pirate without a planet hell-bent on claiming their two worlds for his own and taking Zera to be his.